Kenwood features fluted hardwood edge design and select hardwood veneers. Each is book-matched and assembled in traditional fashion to develop the natural grain character. Complementing this careful craftmanship are warm Light Cherry, Mahogany, and new Espresso finishes. Durable finishes feature subtle sheen created through multiple-step processes to achieve a unique level of sophistication. New glass modesty panels and glass door hutch add modern styling.

KEN01: $1,900
Desk Shell 72”x36”x29
KEN02: $1,600
Desk Shell 66”x30”x29”
KEN10: $3,345
Storage Credenza 72”x20”x29”
KEN11: $1270
Credenza Shell 66”x20”x29”
KEN12: $1,875
Lateral File 37”x20”x29”
KEN13: $1,500
Storage Cabinet 37”x20”x29”
KEN14: $140
Keyboard Tray 26”x12”
KEN15: $120
Center Drawer 15”x20”
KEN19: $935
Coffee Table 48”x24”x16”
KEN20: $645
End Table 24”x24”x20”
KEN35: $2,270
Conference Table 72”x36”x30”
KEN39*: $1,935
Overhead Storage with Doors 66”x14”x42”
KEN41L*: $950
Left P-Top 72”x36”/42”x29”
phasing out
KEN41R*: $950
Right P-Top 72”x36”/42”x29”
phasing out
KEN41LGM*: $995
Left P-Top with GLASS 72”x36”/42”x29”
phasing out
KEN41RGM*: $995
Right P-Top
with GLASS 72”x36”/42”x29”
phasing out
KEN42: $1,945
Overhead with Glass Doors 72”x14”x42”
KEN65: $970
BBF Ped-Desk 24.25”x15.5”x27”
KEN47*: $2,040
Bullet 72”x36”x29”
KEN47GM: $2,040
Bullet Desk with Glass 72”x36”x29”
KEN43: $1335
Credenza Shell 72”x20”x29”
KEN44: $2,045
Overhead Storage 72”x14”x42”
KEN45: $965
Return Shell 48”x24”x29”
KEN35: $2,270
Conference Table 72”x36”x30”
KEN50: $2,565
4 Door Credenza 72”x20”x29”
KEN51*: $3,395
Wardrobe/Storage 37.5”x20”x71”
KEN52*: $4,500
Storage/Lateral File 37.5”x20”x71”
KEN55: $1,155
Bookcase/ Open Hutch 36”x14”x42”
KEN56: $1,775
5-Shelf Bookcase 36”x14”x71”
KEN59: $1,775
RoundTable 48”Dia.x30”H
KEN61: $3,625
Conference Table 120”x48”x30”
KEN62: $4,395
Conference Table 144”x48”x30”
KEN63: $5,785
Conference Table 168”x48”x30
KEN66: $800
BBF Ped- Credenza/Return 18.5”x15.5”x27”
KEN68: $1,700
Lateral File Ped 35”x18”x27”
KEN69: $2,015
MultiFile Ped 32”x18”x27”
KEN89: $2,000
Bow Desk Shell 72”x39”x29”
KEN92*: $770
Return Shell 36”x24”x29”
KEN93*: $610
Bridge 36”x24”x29”
KEN70: $775
Bridge Shell 48”x24”x29"
KEN74: $970
FF Ped-Desk 24.25”x15.5”x27”
KEN75: $800
FF Ped- Credenza/Return 18.5”x15.5”x27”
KEN82L*: $800
phasing out
KEN82R*: $800
phasing out
KEN87L*: $2,240
LEFT CORNER BOW DESK 72”x30”/48”x29”
KEN87R*: $2,240
RIGHT CORNER BOW DESK 72”x30”/48”x29”
KEN96: $845
Return 42”x24”x29”
KEN98: $675
Bridge 42”x24”x29”
KEN100: $1,810
Presentation Board 48”x48”x4”
KEN122: $2,710
Reception Desk 72”x30”x42”
KEN122GT: $2,580
Reception Desk with Glass Top 72”x30”x42” phasing out
KEN123: $515
GLASS FLOATING TOP 71”x17.5”x0.5”
KEN124: $395
(for return #125) 60”x12.5”
KEN125: $1,070
Reception Return 42”x20”x42”